Wait to see the streets this summer will be the fringe sister

ring he Navy wind popular leading the fringe return,
but did not get a single fringe trend summed up to the blue and white stripes haihunshan,
but many yuan,
all kinds of color,
the color mosaic ushered in a very popular summer atmosphere stripes,
of course there will be a new breakthrough in the collocation.
Method: wearing different colors and stripes and referring to the MaxMara summer series wear,
with blue and white stripes as a thin shirt,
red stripe through the holiday customs,
of course,
want to choose the set of ordinary people like T,
including striped pants are worn,
the truth is too difficult to control,
so you can learn Master street beat a black stovepipe pants collocation.
The picture on the right shows: MaxMara T demonstrates that the red stripes are in the hands of different designers,
and the styles are different.
Iceberg is the movement wind,
and Missoni has a French style.
Caption: Iceberg (left) and Missoni (right): wear striped suit + black and white gray right said: Raquel Al

As a senior drama fans to distinguish what is the 9 month drama morning show River play...

ring  sauce has not yet become a drama fans,
so only the classification of Drama: drama,
love detective science fiction drama etc.
In fact,
this is classified according to subject matter on the TV series,
there is also a classification,
such as drama,
fire 9 ten morning show etc.
How exactly is it classified? Understand the small partners,
please silently watch Jin sauce,
do not know the little partner,
quickly with Jin sauce to learn about.
Morning show morning show is broadcast on NHK in eight points early in the morning TV series,
each episode is 15 minutes long when the number of sets; more generally in more than 150 sets,
so called continuous TV novels,
but also less in more than 40 episodes.
The other is the morning drama theme,
there is such a trend: the first half of 1960s~1970s,
to master of public life attitude to refuse to be cowed or submit against adversity,
ultimately overcome the hard fate as the representative of the mainstream works,
a flower.

Love tests when your peach blossom appears

ring will ask the teacher,
when their peach blossoms appear,
in fact,
fate is a wonderful thing,
in the world,
naturally has its fixed number.
Now the teacher ask you the following questions,
to measure your peach,
when you are in these age,
whether single or object,
the emotional level things will go smoothly.
Remember to ask friends to take a test and remind them to take good care of their peach blossoms! Please the teacher in the official WeChat a529597,
enter the keyword [tips] lucky peach can get more lucky peach! Notice: May,
June flash marriage is expected to sign tomorrow.
is your preference sweet or salty? A,
-2 B,
-3 sweet salty 2.
others asked you,
you argue or nothing? A,
-4 3.
in the crowd,
do you often feel disconsolate or excited? A,
sad songs,
do you like to listen or be afraid of appreciation? A loves listening to -5 B,
afraid to appreciate - 65.
do you like people who are in an elegant or simple personality? A,

Light passenger released TP series of motorcycles and BMW models adaptation cooperation

ring dels include TP01 and TP02 two,
Panasonic power lithium battery,
the maximum capacity of 19.
2AH batteries,
mileage of 150 km.
In April the wise things in recent news,
CESAsia second Asian consumer electronics exhibition period,
domestic motorcycle manufacturers wisdom light off (TSINOVA) officially launched the TP series motorcycles and bicycles intelligent power meter three products.
The new models include TP01 and TP02 two,
Panasonic power lithium battery,
the maximum capacity of 19.
2AH batteries,
mileage of 150 kilometers,
charging two hours to complete,
the speed of up to 25 km / h.
TP01 assembly,
rear basket and other accessories,
to meet the different needs for carrying people and goods,
is currently not open appointment has not announced the price.
In electric power,
TP01 and TP02 were used for light off VeloUP! Wei Lu! Smart power system,
built-in torque,
step frequency,
speed of three kinds of sensors,
and the user can combine the road riding intention auxiliary power automatic output o

It's very important to wear it in summer

play Oh ~ you get arrived?! Hurry up and try it on! The first step: setting about WeChat - check new version upgrade to 6.
16 version second step: find the subscription number - Open - public - [top] learned into it,
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will be a day for the first time you push more fresh and interesting content,
make our life more colorful.
There's more information waiting for you! (the content of this article originates from the copyright of the network,
which is owned by the original author).
Some people chat with WeChat,
while others learn and grow in WeChat.
Here's the 2016 most HOT public number,
so try new ways of focusing on it! It concerns long press attention selection of two-dimensional code,
two-dimensional code recognition figure.
The elder sister micro signal

The sole CBRC prohibits banks from selling private products on the Commission

ring e private equity fund products,
the Fund Industry Association for the record not by the commercial bank sales agent does not comply with the new regulations,
to sell the products due to the natural settlement of reporter Wu Hongyu but recently CBRC issued on the commercial banks to standardize the sales agent of the notice provisions,
the bank shall not sale without a license of private equity fund products.
Notification requirements,
commercial banks can only sell by the CBRC,
CSRC and CIRC issued in accordance with the law,
conduct supervision and management of financial institutions to hold the financial license financial products shall not be issued outside the scope of the consignment of the product,
except for government bonds,
kind of precious metals and the CBRC otherwise specified.
Among them,
the SFCs financial licence is the securities and futures business license.
This means that there is no relevant license,
but in the Fund Industry Association for private equity fund products ma

Has your husband done any of the following things when you have children?

ppiness and delivering health! Online shopping mall: www.
com gave birth to the child that two years.
Someone see a man with this two years,
life is no longer the most passionate moments of each other to say I love you,
but after the quarrel piercing shouted when divorce two words,
but some people in these two years to learn more love a person,
most touched each other is no longer the ideal setting for a couple in love you plow to exchange solemn vows and pledges,
but my cloth,
I carry water that tacit understanding you water the garden.
After you have a child,
your husband has done one of the following things for you.
He loves you! 1,
she was released delivery room,
he rushed up to embrace her,
gently gave her a kiss,
said in the ear: Thank you,
wife! 2,
he saw his own child fo