Has your husband done any of the following things when you have children?

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com gave birth to the child that two years.
Someone see a man with this two years,
life is no longer the most passionate moments of each other to say I love you,
but after the quarrel piercing shouted when divorce two words,
but some people in these two years to learn more love a person,
most touched each other is no longer the ideal setting for a couple in love you plow to exchange solemn vows and pledges,
but my cloth,
I carry water that tacit understanding you water the garden.
After you have a child,
your husband has done one of the following things for you.
He loves you! 1,
she was released delivery room,
he rushed up to embrace her,
gently gave her a kiss,
said in the ear: Thank you,
wife! 2,
he saw his own child fo