I also play volleyball what

ring  volleyball beauty social network popularity is rising,
she is: Alisa Manyonok Alisa is currently 19 years old,
height 180 cm,
reading in the Kazan State University,
because the shape conditions outstanding,
she has participated in a number of local beauty pageant in Russia,
her best achievement is the international Supermodel Contest (Supermodel International 2016) runner up to say shape conditions and physical quality,
really too important genetic: Alisas mother was a basketball team member in the University,
and the father in the European swimming competition won twice with this angel face the devil,
no matter how to hit the ball,
she is the focus of the course! Now,
in appearance,
only became popular about a year ago the Kazakhstan womens volleyball players Sabina Altynbekova and Alisa into Sabina at the age of 20,
height is 182 cm,
and Alisa,
her appearance is more close to the east of her first success is to play in Taiwan by a large number of users attention compared to Alisa,
she is a