Love tests when your peach blossom appears

ring will ask the teacher,
when their peach blossoms appear,
in fact,
fate is a wonderful thing,
in the world,
naturally has its fixed number.
Now the teacher ask you the following questions,
to measure your peach,
when you are in these age,
whether single or object,
the emotional level things will go smoothly.
Remember to ask friends to take a test and remind them to take good care of their peach blossoms! Please the teacher in the official WeChat a529597,
enter the keyword [tips] lucky peach can get more lucky peach! Notice: May,
June flash marriage is expected to sign tomorrow.
is your preference sweet or salty? A,
-2 B,
-3 sweet salty 2.
others asked you,
you argue or nothing? A,
-4 3.
in the crowd,
do you often feel disconsolate or excited? A,
sad songs,
do you like to listen or be afraid of appreciation? A loves listening to -5 B,
afraid to appreciate - 65.
do you like people who are in an elegant or simple personality? A,