The sole CBRC prohibits banks from selling private products on the Commission

ring e private equity fund products,
the Fund Industry Association for the record not by the commercial bank sales agent does not comply with the new regulations,
to sell the products due to the natural settlement of reporter Wu Hongyu but recently CBRC issued on the commercial banks to standardize the sales agent of the notice provisions,
the bank shall not sale without a license of private equity fund products.
Notification requirements,
commercial banks can only sell by the CBRC,
CSRC and CIRC issued in accordance with the law,
conduct supervision and management of financial institutions to hold the financial license financial products shall not be issued outside the scope of the consignment of the product,
except for government bonds,
kind of precious metals and the CBRC otherwise specified.
Among them,
the SFCs financial licence is the securities and futures business license.
This means that there is no relevant license,
but in the Fund Industry Association for private equity fund products ma