The swearing in girl gave me the idea of being a full-time mom more important than I thought

| when a few days before the nap with sacred Yang Yang play,
met a little girl about four or five years old.
The little girl always sticks at us and can't climb up on the climbing stand.
Let me hold her.
The height of the seedlings can climb up,
I encourage the little girl said: you see,
my sister has climbed up,
you can try hard to do.
The little girl said firmly: No,
I can't climb up.
I picked her up,
and then listen to her read out and said: XXXXX (a string of dirty words),
I am not,
how to do? XXXXX (another string of dirty words).
I was shocked,
the child's tone and language,
with a low quality common shrew is very similar,
there is a kind of imitation of the evil voice.
the child did not know that she had said something unpleasant,
and her expression was so natural that