Wait to see the streets this summer will be the fringe sister

ring he Navy wind popular leading the fringe return,
but did not get a single fringe trend summed up to the blue and white stripes haihunshan,
but many yuan,
all kinds of color,
the color mosaic ushered in a very popular summer atmosphere stripes,
of course there will be a new breakthrough in the collocation.
Method: wearing different colors and stripes and referring to the MaxMara summer series wear,
with blue and white stripes as a thin shirt,
red stripe through the holiday customs,
of course,
want to choose the set of ordinary people like T,
including striped pants are worn,
the truth is too difficult to control,
so you can learn Master street beat a black stovepipe pants collocation.
The picture on the right shows: MaxMara T demonstrates that the red stripes are in the hands of different designers,
and the styles are different.
Iceberg is the movement wind,
and Missoni has a French style.
Caption: Iceberg (left) and Missoni (right): wear striped suit + black and white gray right said: Raquel Al