Walk with vigorous strides as music to play their own bad

ring k by the river.
Where can I get wet shoes? Has always liked to play capital,
blowing concepts,
but he painted himself as a manufacturing subversive music,
as it seems recently to play their own bad.
The seemingly normal takeover,
attracted the Shenzhen stock exchange paper Sina Financial reports,
LETV announced on May 6th,
intends to issue shares and a combination of cash to buy 100% stake LETV pictures,
that is the high price of 9 billion 800 million yuan.
Music acquisition as music pictures,
no problem,
but all the problems come from 9 billion 800 million yuan this figure.
The Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a letter of inquiry restructuring in May 12th,
with Zhang Yimou,
that requires film music as Honglei Sun,
Sun Li,
Liu Tao,
Guo Jingming and other star shares whether signed a compensation agreement or commitment to performance,
whether there is a prohibition or other cooperative arrangements.
In short,
the Shenzhen Stock Exchange believes that the acquisition price of music pictures and sta